The changing internet

Websites are and integral part of modern business
We manage many sites and take time to keep up with the latest internet developments. Some internet developments are short-lived gimmicks, while others shape the future.

There are many seemingly complex issues to consider when building a successful website, including:

  • Which Payment Service Provider (PSP) you should use?
  • Ensuring your finished site will be easy to manage, not just look good!
  • Search engine promotion (and avoiding the plague of marketing 'experts')
  • Helpful and attractive navigation so a visitor can easily find their way from any page to any page
  • ... and much more

Talk to us - this is the kind of thing we work with every day!

We also like to cut through the jargon to help you understand what's important and avoid the jungle of useless gimmicks.

With our ongoing website management services:

  1. We pro-actively advise our clients when we consider an internet development necessitates a website upgrade.
  2. When you have questions, we can provide helpful answers and advice.
  3. Our regular routine maintenance processes, keep your website online and backed up without you having to do anything.
  4. We upgrade our Content Management System (CMS) so you can add and manage some of the latest technologies on your website, as these become more widely used.
Ship Shape Accounting

Client: Ship Shape Accounting

Ship Shape Accounting: Contractor Accounting Experts
Info: Fresh clean & simple contemporary responsive website design to match existing brand and update older dated site style.

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