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Create the right impression
... on the right people

Before we begin work on your design drafts we consult with you to decide together what qualities your visual style should convey, and who your market or audience will be:

  • what is the nature of your organisation e.g. innovative, established, young, experienced...
  • what are you like? e.g. friendly, serious, edgy...
  • are your operations local, national or global?
  • what demographic should your website appeal to?
  • ... and other considerations such as your preferences re. colour schemes, fonts, layout...

Then we design your drafts, seek your feedback, make amendments, design some more... until you love it! The final result might appear simple and elegant, but its deliberate and considered, and targetted to your customers. Our designers create a unique website design to:

  • distinguish your company from competitors,
  • appeal to your market and encourage customers to enquire,
  • be easy to use and a helpful resource for existing customers.

Visual brand identity design

We develop visual brand identities with an enduring character, a design that will work as your organisation grows.Visual brand identity includes: company name, logo, colours, tag-line, fonts, imagery...

Your visual brand identity is the essence and foundation for all designs that represent your company, your website, headed paper, advertising, etc.


The London International Orchestra

Client: The London International Orchestra


The London International Orchestra - Magnificent events for charitable causes. Formed in 1986 by the eminent conductor Dr Solly Aronowsky and Mrs Sarah Aaronson OBE.
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