Website production incorporating social media
Facebook, Twitter etc

3rd party services: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs...

We've watched social networking appear on the web stage and explode in popularity. Recent versions of open source services such as WordPress are becomming impressive. A business website can be much enhanced by considered integration with such services. However, contrary to some marketing hype social media is not a quick fix panacea for instant online success.

We can help you get social networking right. Depending on your situation we might even advise you not to use it! (shock). There are things to consider:

  • What is the nature of your industry and your companie's place in it?
  • Who are your market? Age, Use of technology, Demographics... etc,
  • What are the potential and likely benefits of running a social media campaign?
  • How much of your time is required to engage with social media?

We can help you assess the above and advise you in the process. Then we can plan an integrated social media setup to enguage with your customers with a genuine character.

Many of our clients are based in London or Hertfordshire, but their market might be the whole of the UK or the world.

Coinage of England

Client: Coinage of England

Dealers in Fine and Rare English Coins.
Info: Online Store for Collectors with Photo Catalogue Management, Specialist Category Navigation and other helpful managment tools.

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