Selling Online – Designing an Online Store

Guiding you though the e-commerce maze

We can setup an online payment system on your website to enable site visitors to pay for your products and services by credit card. This includes connecting your site to a good ‘Payment Service Provider’ (PSP). A PSP is like a bank, they are the organisation that actually process your online transactions on secure servers. There are many PSPs with different strengths and weaknesses, we can advise and help you decide on the right one.

Shipping calculation and charging

If you are going to sell products online you will need to consider if your website should charge for the postage or shipping cost:

  • Should the website be able to calculate the total weight of the products in your customers shopping cart?
  • If you want to offer different types of delivery such as next day, within 5 days… etc then a table of postage costs must be programmed in to the system.
  • What about distance? do you want to deliver to London, Glasgow, New York, Ouagadougou… We might need to program all the distance bands in too.
    This could all be daunting, however we’ve been doing it since 1999. We can advise you, not just about the factors you need to understand but about the right choices.

Discount codes

Would you like to provide discount codes to your customers? We can provide a discount code facility with management tools for you to make changes.


Typically we set your website to notify you and your customer of the purchase by email.