Website Management & Development Services

Our full list of services

This website is our brochure so we try to keep it tidy… however the breadth of our capability and services makes for a long list. Rather than clutter up this website with lots of rambling pages, below is the full list.

If you would like a website built and/or managed and you can’t find what you’re looking for here, please contact us.

  • Design
    • Consultation
    • Logo and visual identity design
    • Web page design: consideration of layout for different devices, easy site navigation… Lots of awareness and experience of that kind…
  • Systems development

    • Unique systems: consultation, specification, planning… more planning: getting it right at the planning stage saves a lot of time, money and hair!
    • Connection to existing systems e.g. FedEx, WordPress, Sage…
  • Online store setup
    • Experience of the different Payment Service Providers so we can help you choose a reliable one.
  • Domain names:
    • We help you decide a good name (the obvious ones are no longer available)
    • Domain name protection. Names can be hijacked if you don’t know how to protect them!
    • Secure Certificates
  • Email:
    • Create and manage mail boxes
    • Forwarding addresses
    • Professional setup of gMail
    • Configuring domain ‘A’ records etc.
  • Management
    • Helpful content management system, Reliable hosting, Years of experience…
  • Backups and Security
    • If you make a mistake editing your site with our management tools, we can quickly restore that page.
    • Hacking is on the increase! We’ve protected our client’s websites from thousands of attempts over many years.
  • Site visitor statistics reporting
  • Media setup:
    • Video,
    • Audio,
    • Embed YouTube video on your site 
    • Feed setup from: Twitter, FaceBook, etc…
  • Hosting and support: Sometimes the Internet misbehaves
  • App development
  • Updates: Websites designed and developed to continue working well on multiple devices, smart phone, tablet, desktop,  as operating systems, technology and the internet evolves and changes.
  • Lots more
    • working with web development and design since the last century, we’ve picked up a thing or two. Feel free to ask.